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Huaguang PC210 Digital Inkjet Label Printing Machine


    Huaguang works together with you to build a bright future 
    The quality of Huaguang PC210 Digital Ink-jet Label Printing Machine is outstanding and brilliant. 
    Adopt European design standard, fine and perfect performance 
    Fabricated with China space techinology, stable and reliable quality 
    Equipped with the world-leading-level ink-jet technology, provide high-quality printing. 
    Advanced unique control principle, always keep ink-path unimpeded 
    seamless task exchanging , reduce the printing cost obviously 
    Simplified human-machine interface, ensure efficient operation 
    Provide online diecutting device, adapt variant of postpress treatment requirement. 
    Design Concept of Huaguang PC210 
    Nowadays the market is full of changing and the product update very quickly. All the wise business people are taking full advantage of this trend to enhance their competitive capacity and attract customers. So the demand of label printing tends to short-running, quicky printing, and low cost. What is the best choice for label printing providers when all kinds of digital label machines emerge quickly following this trend? 
    Lucky Huaguang PC210 Digital Ink-jet Label Printing Machine offers a concise and practical solution to the market. Whether you are running a powerful flexo/offset printing factory, or a convenient quick printing store, there is no doubt that Huaguang PC210 is the best choice for you to start up your digital printing business. 
    Design Concept of Huaguang PC210: 
    Design concisely and practically. A small machine meets most of printing requests and shows all the superiority of digital label printing by less investments. 
    Huaguang PC210 is a best supplement to the big traditional equipment by its characteristics of short-running, quick printing and variable data printing function. No need any plates and only a very short starting time, Huaguang PC210 embody the cost-effective advantage of short-running and quick printing. 
    Provide with the function of on-line postpress treatment which means it not only support for pre-diecutting substrate but also can change into on-line diecutting at any time, so that to reduce costs maximally. 
    The fifth color ink-jet system can make high-quality variable data printing, also can be used for spot color printing. 
    Huanguang PC210 technical parameters 
    Printing technology: 
    DOD ink-jet, XAAR1001 nozzle, 8 level gray-scale processing, ink droplet can be adjusted (6pl –42pl), Roll to roll, Single pass, UV-curable ink, Norson UV dry system with automatic power adjusting function. 
    Printing quality: 360 x 360 dpi (visual accuracy 1080 dpi) 
    Printing color: CMYK +The fifth color 
    Variable data: homochromy variable data printing 
    Printing speed: 25m/min 
    Printing width: 70mm,140mm,210mm,various model can be selected. 
    Ink system: Automatic control on temperature, pressure and liquid level 
    Operating system: Windows XP + software RIP 
    Substrate material: paper, plastic and various. 
    Substrate width: 230mm 
    Substrate thickness: 25—250µm 
    Roll diameter (max): 650mm 
    Substrate driver: Step motor, high-precision by pulse control 
    Substrate edge guiding: FMS (made in Switzerland) system, Ultrasonic sensor. 
    Tension control: Automatic closed-loop control 
    Uncoiling and Recoiling: Mechanical expanding shaft, Standard 3 inches core other size can be chose. 
    Postpress treatment: On-line diecutting, the wastes is rewinded. 
    Safety criterion: EC (European Criterion) 
    Power consumption: 10 KW. 
    Dimensions: machine:3.0m x 0.8m x 1.64m ink tank:0.8m x 0.4m x 1.4 m 
    Weight: 1.2 ton
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